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Education is the foremost requirement of any vibrant society. In a developing country like India, it is even more important. A large number of people are still not educated. To fulfil the aspirations of all the people, more and more educational institutions are being planned. In the coming years a large number of teachers are required for this.
The National Council for Teacher Education, in its previous status since 1973, was an advisory body for the Central and State Governments on all matters pertaining to teacher education, with its Secretariat in the Department of Teacher Education of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Despite its commendable work in the academic fields, it could not perform essential regulatory functions, to ensure maintenance of standards in teacher education and preventing proliferation of substandard teacher education institutions.
Over the years we have progressed to a well organised coaching institute catering to a wide spectrum of people. We have well qualified faculty for all the subjects. We give ample attention to needs of individual students. We organise events to promote social welfare like tree planting drives and spread of awareness about preserving our environment.